Why is Preventive Dentistry So Important?

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Preventive dentistry plays a crucial role in oral health, which is a major part of your overall health. Did you know that even a simple infection or abscess in your tooth can spread to an infection all over your body? Dental health is where it all begins. 

Part of being human is the need to eat food. Often, what we eat will erode the enamel on our teeth, making them weaker and more susceptible to bacteria, disease, and infection. So taking regular preventive measures with your dentist is a great way to avoid painful and stressful emergencies later.

Preventive dentistry is also a great way to prevent costly treatments to fix emergencies later. While we never know when crisis can strike, there are many things you can do to take care of your oral health, preventively, instead of reactively. An additional primary value of preventive dentistry is that you can learn of potential issues or risks early on, and treat them on the spot, before an issue festers and becomes an emergency later.

So what does preventive dentistry look like?

  1. Brush Your Teeth at least 2x each day, even 3x if you can. This includes getting the kiddos, if you have them, in the practice of doing so, early on, along with you. Good habits today are less costly issues later.

  2. Floss at least 2x daily, especially after meals. This helps dislodge food particles that may get stuck and begin to erode the enamel or park bacteria in the corners of the mouth that then wreak havoc later on.

  3. Get periodic teeth cleanings, at least every 6 months. During these periodic dental cleanings, here at Wilmette Dental, we can continue to benchmark your health stats to catch anything early if anything does arise. You’ll find that by taking these measures, cavities will become less, and your health will be better, not to mention even more fresh breath!

  4. Avoid sugary foods and beverages. If you do eat them, brush your teeth and floss as quickly as you can afterward.

  5. Eat healthy. Overall, it’s important to eat healthy but it can be especially useful when trying to boost your general health and well-being.

Did You Know?

Poor oral hygiene can even lead to other health issues including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even respiratory infections. So taking care of your mouth is a great way to support your overall health. Book your appointment today at 847-251-0085! 

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