“I highly recommend Dr. Madrigal. The other day he saved me from an evening of pain. I broke my tooth and called his office to see if they could help me. The receptionist was very helpful and I was able to obtain an appointment for a few hours later. Dr. Madrigal clearly explains the different options available to his patients. He is very careful to make sure his patients do not feel any unnecessary pain. I would give Dr. Madrigal and his staff 10 stars!”
-Sarah W.

“I had my first visit with Dr. Madrigal and his staff today and it was an amazing experience. The entire staff were courteous, professional and efficient. I highly recommend Dr. Madrigal and his staff to anyone looking to find a great dentist and a great staff.”
-Shawnn G.

“Dr Madrigal is excellent. He explains what he is going to do very clearly. He is very conscious of the patient’s comfort and possible discomfort. The office staff are all very efficient, friendly, and helpful.”
-Phil P.

“My wife and I have been looking for a great dentist and we just found Dr Robert Madrigal at Wilmette Dental. I since had two visit and I am completely satisfied with the overall service. Very friendly staff and professional. Just had a root canal and to my surprise it doesn’t even feel like I had a root canal, no pain and I can actually eat without concern. I give Dr Madrigal a five star because he and his staff made us feel right at home.”
-Andrew K.

“Dr. Madrigal is good at his job, engaging, and a really nice guy. He was helpful in answering all my questions and I felt very comfortable during my visit. The receptionist, Meghan, and Dr. Madrigal’s assistant, Bonnie, are also wonderful. I’ve been going there for many years and Dr. Madrigal has done an excellent job taking over. I look forward to future visits!”
-Mason R.

“Very happy with the service. Dentist Robert is very thorough. Staff are all delightful.”
-Nigel K.

“Wilmette Dental, Dr. Madrigal, and the dental hygienists are simply terrific! Imagine a small town feel with fantastic dental care. Love this place and highly recommend!”
-Kerry B.

“The best service I’ve ever had at a dentist’s office. Have had a sensitivity to hot and cold in a back molar for years and Dr. Madrigal fixed it with one visit. Love finding true professionals!”
-Maigen B.

“Very careful and complete. Dr Madrigal was very careful to make sure there was little or no pain. He also went to great lengths to keep me informed of all the steps he was doing. Great service.”
-Phillip J.

“Dr. Madrigal is very thorough and kind. Cathy and Bonnie do the best cleaning, and Megan is always very helpful with appointments, insurance claims, etc. The office has been seamlessly transitioned from Dr. Neuhaus to Dr. Madrigal. Strongly recommend to all families!”
-Chunbai H.