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Wilmette Dentist, Dr. Robert Madrigal, Provides Unique Experience For Each Patient

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WILMETTE, Ill., January 17, 2022– Wilmette Dental, a family dental practice in Wilmette, Illinois, has been serving patients in the community since 1938. The newest (and 4th generation) owner, Dr. Robert Madrigal, prides himself on providing a unique, top-quality dental experience. 

The patient experience at Wilmette Dental includes a pillow, comforting music, your own tv screen, and a warm-scented towelette after your appointment. The office incorporates technologies such as a Cone Beam 3D x-ray machine, dental implants, intra-oral cameras, and clear aligner orthodontics to provide the best dental treatment possible. Dr. Madrigal and his dental team pride themselves on offering personalized, comprehensive care. 

“Wilmette Dental, Dr. Madrigal, and the dental hygienists are simply terrific! Imagine a small town feel with fantastic dental care. I love this place and highly recommend it,” states a long time patient of Dr. Madrigal. 

Most of the patients at Wilmette Dental are 2nd and 3rd generation patients. The original owner’s daughter, granddaughter, and even great-granddaughter are still patients at the office. 

“We love the fact that we have been able to pass down this excellent dental care to generations of patients. Our history is truly unique. When you visit our office, you will see that we have a Wall of Fame with the pictures of owners and their families. At Wilmette Dental, we have maintained a family feel while still using the most modern technology for our patients, “ says owner and dentist Dr. Robert Madrigal. 

To learn more about Wilmette Dental and the unique patient experience, visit their website or contact the front desk team to schedule an appointment


About Dr. Robert Madrigal: 

Dr. Madrigal grew up in Naperville, Illinois and completed his undergraduate studies at Benedictine University. He received his Doctorate from Marquette University School of Dentistry. He was able to complete an Externship in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he was trained by a hospital-based dentist. This experience has equipped Dr. Madrigal with a skillset in oral surgery, endodontics, and cosmetic services. In addition to his clinical experience, he presented research on Implant Dentistry at the International Association for Dental Research in San Francisco and Miami.



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Wilmette, IL Dentist


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Wilmette, IL Dentist

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