An Orthodontist. What Makes a Dentist Different?

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As with many things, people can have a general expertise, understanding, or knowledge of something while others may specialize in a certain area. A sports analyst may know all about different sports, but specialize in hockey versus football, basketball, or baseball. Meanwhile, a more general sports analyst may be proficient in multiple sports. 

The same could be true for a construction worker. Some construction workers may know about many different types of construction like home building, road laying, or otherwise, while another construction worker may specialize in only a particular bit of the construction business, perhaps solely homebuilding, for example. Even deeper on the housing analogy, you will find specialists in tiling, drywall, roofing, electrical, and so much more.

In dentistry, the same considerations apply. While a dentist and an orthodontist can do very similar things, an orthodontist specializes in teeth alignment and may be able to better accommodate extreme cases of crooked teeth, overbites, underbites, and the like.

While braces are often associated with an orthodontist, a general dentist can also provide braces, Invisalign (or in our case at Wilmette Dental, we choose Clear Correct), and a number of other treatments often associated with an orthodontist. Sometimes, dentists can provide these treatments for a more affordable cost. Specialists are usually called in for the more extreme of cases and scenarios. Other times even still, a dentist and an orthodontist can work together to create the best treatment plan for a patient.

If you’re looking to get braces, or clear aligners for you or a member of your family, our professional team is here to assist you. If we find your case to need more specialized support, we have great orthodontic referrals we can provide! 

Another noticeable difference between a dentist and an orthodontic specialist is that dentists can find and treat gum disease, and other oral hygiene challenges people often face. Understanding, as a patient, what your needs are, where your oral health really is, and what your options are is the best way to ensure you get to the right professional to treat your needs. 

Here at Wilmette Dental, Dr. Madrigal, and Dr. Tom provide complimentary consultations to best help our patients. We talk thoroughly about your specific use case, your needs, concerns, and wants. Then we help formulate a treatment plan specifically for you. We care deeply, right down to the root.

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